Demmortal Treasure


Welcome to Demmortal Treasure world.
Demmortal Treasure is the first collection of DDD(DeDogmaDao) with a supply cap of 7777 NFTs which will make you a special member of the DDD community. This project starts with NFTs but serves a bigger purpose by providing the following benefits to its community.
  • 100% of proceeds from the "mint" will be transferred to a treasury which will be used for the time-guaranteed floor price. This is possible due to our anti-rug and anti-loss architecture.
  • All royalty fees collected from the secondary sales will go back to the community.
  • All Demmortal Treasure owners will auto-join the lottery.
  • The gamified no-loss lottery is designed in a way that has diverse pool prizes for the participants.
  • DeFi protocols are used in the game algorithm to build the guaranteed prize feature.
Last modified 10mo ago