Demmortal Treasure

Economic Mechanisms

Demmortal Treasure’s economic mechanism consists of two separate modules.
The first module that is also known as anti-rug modules, minimizes the risk of minting. How? All the collected Eth from the minting, will be stored in the DAO Treasury instead of going directly to the team. This treasury will be used for guaranteeing the floor price of the collection for a period of time. This gives the NFT owners the opportunity to burn their NFT and receive back their Eth. The only loss will be the 10% of the minting price which will be added to the Game Treasury. Following is the timetable showing the distribution of the treasury over time.
Minting Period
Market making and bootstrapping
Month 3
The team
Month 4
The team
Month 5
The team
Month 6
DDD platform expansion
Month 7
DDD platform expansion
Month 8
DDD platform expansion
Beside minting price, 15% of the royalty fees collected from the secondary market sales will flow into DAO Treasury.
DDD platform will gain full control over DAO Treasury one year after the minting period is over, to complete our journey towards becoming a DAO. The DAO mechanism and accepting proposals for funding based on the community votes will start from month 6.
The second module of Demmortal Treasure economic mechanism is the NFT based lottery. How does the lottery work? This is an auto-join lottery which means all the NFT owners will participate in it. The lottery is held 6 times during the week(daily lottery) with a prize that will go to each winner of the day. On the 7th day, weekly-lottery will take place which has 8 times bigger prize than the daily-lottery.
The prize of the lottery is 70% of the Game Treasury. The Game Treasury has several sources of funds. Currently, there are two types of flows into this Treasury.
  • 100% royalty fees of the secondary market sales that is shown in the below chart.
  • Guaranteed inflow based on yield farming of the Investment Treasury. The royalty fees of our 8 weeks with highest trading volume will go into the Investment Treasury. The interest of the yield farming will be funded in the Game Treasury to be used as the guaranteed prize.
Please note that the Investment Treasury is a self-growing pool which can only grow bigger and guarantees a minimum prize.
Demmortal Treasure Economic Mechanisms model
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