The lore of the game

The dark millennium

A dark time fell on Olympus. The Greeks drew back, poisoned by their greed. A hot temptation and an acute desire coursed through their immortal veins. A treasure was kept out of their reach, which ignited their thirst and surged their longing.
Some rebelled and fought against the darkness that restrained Olympus. A handful of them called themselves the Decentralized Titans. Zeus stood up against them all, his attempts at assassinating and capturing them were relentless. As he made his rounds, he accumulated their wealth along with their existence. The lightning god was wealthy as he began his massacre and it only expanded the more rebels he seized, but only the Decentralized Titans remained undefeated.
Despite the god’s efforts, there had been one legacy he could never obtain through bloodshed and war. A secret treasure- a legacy only obtainable through alliance, respect and peace. The curious god gained knowledge about this treasure as he eavesdropped on an epic speech held in the most splendid of halls, close to the Titans’ quarters. He had taken on the shape of a crow, with beady eyes and sleek feathers shining handsomely in the gleam of the great hall.

The Titan’s speech

A deep rich groan of drums filled the space as a great Titan set his noble weapon aside. The clearing of his throat was so sharp that a flock of sheep could cease upon hearing it. Zeus, son of Kronos, felt small among them. These Titan Lords exerted eternal power with each royal breath…
The god took the form of a crow to hide his true identity. He listened intently as the Titan spoke, pressing his feathery body flat against the cold marble of the hall so as not to be noticed.
“We feel indebted to the future”, the old Titan chanted.
“We had created a tool with the objective to eliminate cheating and foolishness. A tool to encourage peace, strength and prosperity for all mortals and immortals alike. Should peace through alliance govern our universe and the world of mortals, the treasure of the legacy of ourselves, the Decentralised Titans, shall be gained. This treasure can be opened unconditionally, providing for and cherishing the society that is to bloom from it.”
Struck by the Titan’s noble words, the god’s talons prickled with flickering electric pulses. How curious it was that he, the almighty god of the skies, was to hear this wonderful news? It felt like it was forged for his inquisitive ears. He must find this treasure- it is his destiny. As the strong-willed god’s mind got to work, his talons ceased to flicker…

May the Games begin

The Olympians battled against those who resisted the dark millennium. The Titanomachy, as it was called, continued for tens of years. Year after year, the Titans had become scarcer. Due to their power and determination, the Decentralized Titans remained undefeated once more. Fuelled with passion to find the hidden treasure, Zeus called upon the Olympians to share what he had heard, disguised as that sleek crow, in that glorious hall. The Olympians gawked and sighed with exaltation as their king spoke. They were now as ardent and dedicated towards the hunt for the treasure as the lightning god was.

The night Prometheus was tortured

Upon the occasion of torturing Prometheus, the Titan Lord of fire and mortal creation roared in rage and agony. He held back information from Zeus, the one he felt a flaming anger towards. The pain had become so great that he could not grit and grind his noble teeth for a moment longer. The information Zeus desired was deeply rooted within him, but it left him nonetheless. Bit by bit, he involuntarily told Zeus the particulars about the treasure built by the great Titan of Lottery, a member of the Decentralized Titans. The lightning god’s bolt buzzed excitedly as Prometheus exclaimed in exhaustion how to reveal its contents. Delighted, the god returned to his fellow Olympians. He dutifully spread the word that the treasure could be unconditionally opened due to their godly talent and determination.The treasure, however, remained unreachable and its seal remained airtight.

A peaceful society emerges

Centuries had passed without the emergence of a peaceful society, thus never fulfilling the requirements for the Titan’s treasure to be revealed. Only time could tell whether it could ever be ripe. As thousands of years passed, society progressed and flourished. Like the unfurling of the last bloom of late spring, the advent of mortal technology and human progress came to pass. It was time for the Titan’s treasure to be revealed. Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia, god of merchants, oratory and thieves spread the good news to all who were willing to lend him an ear.
“Alas! A new world is born!” he cried from the highest peaks and lowest valleys.
“Take note! All is about to change.”
The Olympians heard Hermes as he rejoiced, and shortly after a portal was opened to the mortal world. Gleaming with greatness and curiosity, the gods of Olympus returned to Earth for the first time since the dark millennium. What they found there was nothing short of wonderful. A murmur buzzed as the gods discussed the Titans‘ intentions. Centuries ago, when the treasures were forged, the Titans shaped hope for the future. With sparkling clarity they paved the way for society to become united in decentralized nonviolence. The mystery of the Titan’s treasure, shared with all. With the truth before their immortal eyes, the gods felt stunned.
Some had faith in the gods and thus decided to allow them to join their peaceful society. The revealing of the treasure dawned near. The twelve Olympians thus took up their allied role and a community was formed.
A conference was held to propose an approach to achieve an equal chance of seizing the famous Titan‘s treasure. It was the first time since the dark millennium that mortals and Olympians worked side by side. As time passed, the Olympians began to form an understanding of their roles. The legends of the Decentralized Titans laid the foundation for their new world- it was impossible to ignore.
After some consultation, the verdict stood. Each individual was to give up their names and titles, and instead refer to one another by a number pair. The number pair would consist of one‘s community number and one‘s personal number. 

A settlement was made.

A cause of greed

Unfortunately, Zeus had not spread the full word about the treasure many centuries ago… It had become common knowledge that the treasure would not reveal itself fully without a sliver of missing information. All fingers were pointed at the Lord of the skies.

 Indeed, Zeus had left out this bit of crucial information in order to gain from it- he requested that each member of their newly formed community share a piece of their shared treasure with him before he would reveal what he knew. Left without any other choice, the lightning god’s conditions were accepted.
The lightning god, exalted by the agreement, shared with the newly formed community the crucial information. Due to the balance of talent and determination possessed naturally by the Olympians, they may unconditionally open their piece of the Titan‘s treasure. For mere mortals, the treasures may only be seized under one condition. The condition that they find a balance between their talent and determination, or spend an amount of talent and determination to achieve a total of 50.

The emergence of the guilds

After all agreements had been made, a handful of eager gods namely, Artemis, Hekate, Hermes and Hephaestus, offered a selection of mortals special abilities. These abilities were to empower them to become greater, heightening their chances of obtaining a share of the Titan‘s treasure. These blessed mortals, excited by the prospect of obtaining special abilities, accepted the god‘s condition to offer them a share of their treasure once they had obtained it. These groups are called The Beast Riders, Banditss, Enchants, and Smiths.