How will the minting work?

This collectible contains 7777 unique NFTs. We will sell the 10 God NFTs in an dutch auction which are all revealed from the beginning. Then, all the remaining characters will be minted in an unrevealed fashion. On the reveal day, owners will be able to see their revealed character on DDD and all the other listed platforms.

How much is the minting price?

God NFT minting price will be determined during the dutch auction which will vary for different gods.
The minting price for the remaining NFTs will be announced soon.

Mint date

June 2022

When is the reveal?

4 weeks after minting is over

How to get whitelisted?

  • Holders of collections that we will announce in our social channels.
  • Active members of our community.
  • Winners of the challenges announced in DDD discord.

Are there any public sales?

Whitelisted members are our priority list of customers for sale. The remaining NFTs will be available to the public.

Should we do anything to join the lottery?

No, it is an auto join lottery. You just need to hold your NFT in your wallet.

What wallets can I use?

Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase wallet.

Do the NFTs have an equal chance to win the lottery?

No, it depends on your character. Read more about it in the game structure.

How can the nfts be upgraded?

Cards that have played but couldn’t reveal the treasure will receive a POTL (Proof Of Titan Luck). Cards with 3 POTLs will have the option to upgrade their NFTs to the more rare guilds.

Will the burnt nft come back to the supply?

No, It will not.

Will the supply increase?

No , there are only 7777 NFTs which can decrease if owners burn their NFTs.

Will Demmortal Treasure be minted on ERC-721A standard?


What is the time-guaranteed treasury?

This is an anti-rug feature designed to guarantee the quality and price of the collection. This means the share of the team will be released to the team gradually in a smaller amount during 8 months to maintain the value of the NFTs and guarantee the performance of our protocol.

What is the time-guaranteed treasury schedule?

Minting Period
Market making and bootstrapping
Month 3
The team
Month 4
The team
Month 5
The team
Month 6
DDD platform expansion
Month 7
DDD platform expansion
Month 8
DDD platform expansion

How will the guaranteed prize work?

The royalty fees of our 8 weeks with highest trading volume will be used for yield farming and the interest of it will be funded in the guaranteed prize.

When does the lottery start?

We are having a three month lottery preparation period in-between minting and when the lottery starts.

What is the yield farming strategy?

This strategy can change throughout time and we will optimize towards the maximum interest between yield aggregators. In the beginning we will start with Yearn Finance.

Wen token?

We don’t have any tokens. All prizes and benefits of the lottery are in ETH itself.